Top 5 Reasons to Go VIP

Despite the sandy beach and grassy park lending more than enough room for all attendees to create their own personal space, some might argue it’s worth the little extra to Go VIP.  It’d definitely not needed to have an unforgettable weekend, but if you find yourself with the extra funds, we highly recommend you check out the Top 5 Reasons to Go VIP:

  1. Water Access: It wouldn’t be Mamby on the Beach without, well, the beach! Just like last year, a VIP pass will grant you exclusive access to the lovely waters located right beside the festival grounds, where you’ll be able to dip your feet and enjoy the music from the comfort of the lake. This is the only festival in Chicago that allows attendees to go in the water!
  2. Preferred Viewing: Ever find yourself stuck behind a 7-foot tall behemoth at your favorite stage with no hope of seeing anything but the back of his head? Fear not, as Mamby’s VIP pass will come with access to each of the event’s strategically placed preferred viewing areas where attendees can enjoy their beverages and music, with a perfect view of the festivities.
  3. Tiki Lounge with Private Bar and Premium Drinks: VIP holders are also invited to experience our one-of-a-kind, custom built tiki lounge this year. The shaded area will serve as the ideal refuge from the summer sun as attendees relax and unwind away from the crowds. Enjoy couches, specialty vendors and a private bar with premium drinks like the Mamby Mule and Beach Bomb from 2018!
  4. Air-Conditioned Restrooms: Speaks for itself!  Porto-potties at a festival are what they are.
  5. Express Entry: Who doesn’t love being able to skip lines? As part of the festival’s VIP package, pass holders will be able to use a dedicated entry line that’s sure to be clear of traffic for the length of the weekend.

To secure your pass today, visit our ticketing page HERE.