More Than Music: All-Inclusive Activities

Mamby On The Beach is many things. A music festival, sure, but also so much more. This year, we’re happy to bring back the best non-musical experiences from years past, along with some fresh new ones, so you can truly live your best life when you set foot on Mamby Beach. All activities, curated by Bam Creates, are included with general admission so you don’t have to worry about spending any extra pennies for any of these!

One of our yearly faves is back – BEACH VOLLEYBALL! Sponsored by Chicago Sport and Social, the court is packed all day but you’ll have plenty of chances to challenge friends, whether new or old, all while taking in views of the mesmerizing skyline.

Wanna cool off and goof off at the same time? Then join the gargantuan WATER BALLOON FIGHT, taking place at the hottest point of the afternoon each day. Calmer stuff more your scene? We got you there too, with YOGA SESSIONS taking place three times a day, allowing you space to relax your mind and body before taking in Mamby’s wonders.  More details and a schedule about our extensive Yoga program to come later.

Long hair crew, we see you! Swing by our BRAID BAR to get twisted up real quick. Get your hair out of your face, cop a fresh look after taking a dip in the lake, or just get your rows lined up by a professional braid specialists. You can even take your festie fit a step further by stopping by the HENNA TATTOO booth to get yourself inked up with a not-quite-permanent but forever ill design.

For those wanting to get in touch with the universe, we’ve got you covered there too! Get a TAROT READING by one of our experienced readers, available for singles and/or couples. If the tarot has some news you don’t like, get a second opinion! PALM READINGS are also available, so you can stare deep into your own future, right from your own hand.

LIVE ART is another staple at Mamby, be it LIVE PAINTING with brushes or spray, and SAND SCULPTING of course!  Take a walk around the grounds and watch the artists at work.

Last but not least, our WELLNESS WORKSHOPS will provide you with opportunities to learn new stuff right on the beach featuring workshops such as summer love & self-care, essential oils, and BBQ strategies.

All Activities are subject to change.  In 2018 we added a DOGGY DOME, VIBRANT DOME with GONG BATHS for soothing healing sounds, BARBER LOUNGE and an ADVICE BOOTH for helpful and comedic remedies to your problems.  Stay tuned for the confirmed list of activities for 2019!

Gallery below…Looks fun eh? ; )